Transport of Dangerous Goods in Defined Areas of Slovak Republic from the View of Environmental Burdens

Marek Halenar, Lubomir Hujo, Ivan Beloev, Jan Kosiba,Vladimir Hajdak

Technical – Economic Analysis and Evaluation of Transport Organization

Peter Kuchar, Ivan Beloev, Stanislav Lindak

Noise Emissions During Mixing of Feed by Mixer Feeder Wagon

Martin Psenka, Roman Galik, Plamen Kangalov, Stefan Mihina, Stefan Bodo, Jozef Chrastina

A Research about Influence of Overlaying Speed Upon Electrical Parameters of The Process During Vibrating Arc Overlaying of Worn Parts of Transportational and Agricultural Machinery in A Shield of Argon

Mitko Nikolov, Iliya Todorov

Changes in Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties of the Soil in the Application of Advanced Soil Protection Technology for Growing Wheat on Slope Lands

Petar Dimitrov, Gergana Kuncheva

Evaluation of the Reliability of the Gas Generator Starts

Dusan Nogli, Dominik Gasparovic, Plamen Kangalov, Zuzana Csillagova, Maros Korenko

Changes in the Composition of Humus of Carbonate Chernozem under the Influence of Advanced Erosion Control Technologies

Gergana Kuncheva

Current Condition and Development of Electrolytic Methods for Preventive Plating and Reconditioning of Worn Machine Parts

Desislava Beleva

Possible Examples to Improve the Quality and Safety Standards on Emergency Medical Service Stations Zamed, Ltd. Komárno

Gabriel Polo, Zuzana Csillagova, Martin Balaz , Plamen Kangalov, Dusan Nogli, Maros Korenko