Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Soil in the Application of Conventional and Soil Protection Technologies for Growing Wheat on Sloping Arable Land

Gergana Kuncheva, Petar Dimitrov, Hristo Beloev, Iliana Ivanova

Possibilities to Reduce Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide Emissions in Pig Farming By Application of Zeolite

Stefan Bodo, Roman Galik, Katarina Kollarova, Plamen Kangalov

A Comparative Study of the Sensitivity of  Maize Lines to Some Herbicides

Dimitriya Ilieva

Soil CO2 Emissions in the Application of  Conventional and Erosion Control Technologies for  Growing Maize on Sloping Terrains

Gergana Kuncheva, Petar Dimitrov, Hristo Beloev, Iliana Ivanova

Water Flow Meters – Meeting the Requirements In Use and Subsequent Metrological Control of Meters

Radovan Filo, Rudolf Palencar, Jan Zitnansky, Vladimir Krocko, Ivan Beloev

Standardization of Cooperation between Production and Supply Quality in Production Organization

Miroslav Pristavka, Hristo Beloev, Plamen Kangalov, Mitko Nikolov, Pavol Findura, Petr Bartos, Olga Urbanovicova 

Use of Balanced Scorecard Method in Project Management as Support of Technical Development of the Company

Pavel Machal, Maksym Stankevych, Hristo Beloev, Miroslav Pristavka, Pavol Findura

Variants of Solution and Evaluation of FMEA in Practice

Marian Bujna, Plamen Kangalov

Current Situation of Selling Telehandlers, Due To Ukrainian and Slovakian Markets Conditions

Maksym Stankevych, Pavol Findura, Miroslav Pristavka, Volodymyr Kyurchev, Volodymyr Nadykto, Olga Urbanovicova, Vladimir Krocko

Influence of Cutting Speed to Vibrations and Roughness of Machined Surface during Turning

Martin Barath, Jan Zitnansky, Hristo Beloev

Resistance Assessment of Materials to Abrasive Wear

Martin Kotus, Jan Lilko, Plamen Kangalov, Juraj Balazi