Material Properties Analysis after Heat Treatment

Petr Dostal, Miroslav Pristavka, Plamen Kangalov, Nela Polakova, David Dobrocky

Capability of the Measuring Equipment

Miroslav Pristavka, Hristo Beloev, Pavol Findura, Lubomir Belan, Jan Marecek, Eva Krcalova

A Study of the Impact of Weld Overlay Speed on the Electrical Parameters of Vibroarc Weld Overlay in Argon on Worn Components of Transport and Agricultural Machinery

Mitko Nikolov

Quality Control by Quality Management Tools

Hristo Beloev, Vladimir Krocko, Maros Korenko, Plamen Kangalov, Pavol Findura, Lubomir Belan, Jan Marecek, Eva Krcalova

Analysis the Factors Affecting Conveyance Rate of Unbucket Chain Trenching Machine

Doan Dinh Diep

Review of the Main Stages of Developing Hydru Car for Participation in Shell Eco Marathon

Ivan Beloev

Soil Microbial Activity under the Influence of Advanced Technologies for Minimum and Unconventional Tillage

Gergana Kuncheva

Touchless Control of a Stationary Manipulator

Vlastimil Slany, Jan Marecek, Eva Krcalova, Ivan Beloev, Vladimir Krocko, Miroslav Pristavka

Determination of the Maximum Allowable Slipping of the Wheel Tractors

Vladimir Nadykto, Vladimir Kurchev, Hristo Beloev, Georgi Mitev

Guidance for Technical Inspection of Twin Tube Shock Absorbers

Zuzana Csillagova, Gabriel Polo, Plamen Kangalov, Ivan Beloev, Lubomir Belan, Maros Korenko

Cooperation of Information Technologies, Software and Quality Tools In Terms of Quality Options and Information Back Up and Documents In the Conditions of Quality Management Systems

Gabriel Polo, Hristo Beloev, Zuzana Csillagova, Martin Balaz, Lubomir Belan, Maros Korenko

Gender Sensitivity as One of the Factors in the Management of Technical Projects

Helena Kolibova, Pavel Machal, Ivan Beloev, Lubica Libova